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Biopsy Results

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Biopsy Results

Hello all once again, ❤ Today I had my colposcopy. A total of 3 biopsies were taken along with endocervical. I was able to tolerate the biopsies. But that endo... Whew! Ouch. One of my biopsies was on a cervical cyst.( I had no idea women even had those?) Anyhow - I am now awaiting results of all 3 and my endocervical. I have a few questions:: Has anyone else had a cervical cyst biopsied before? Has anyone else been told they had LOW grade cells from a pap that DID in fact turn out to be cancerous? And can cervical cancer hide in the endocervical area and not be present on the outter cervix thats also biopsied? I really hope these biopsies turn out okay. Thank you to any responses! Its greatly appreciated. XOXO Ashley 2006- Abnormal pap - 2006- colpo w/biopsy - 2006 LEEP. 2016 - Abnormal pap - 2016 (9/12/16) Colpo w/ biopsies Awaiting results.

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Hi Ashley,

I'm not sure if this helps but about 80% of cervical cancer is squamous cell and begins on the outer surface of the cervix. The other 20% is glandular (non-squamous / adenocarcinoma) which starts in the endocervical canal. It is possible therefore for cervical cancer to 'hide' in the endocervical area and not be present on the outer cervix.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Ashley,


I was given a Lletz for CIN1 and the HPV virus, my sample did show I had a form of cervical cancer- adeniocarcenoma which develops further up in the canal and not on the tip of the cervix. My consultant did say I was the first person she see who had a cancer when I only had cin1! But my mother has always said i am unique and don't do things by half lol xxx 

take care xx 

Michelle xx 

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