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Biopsy revealed CIN2 and I'm feeling really lost

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Biopsy revealed CIN2 and I'm feeling really lost

Hi there,

I've never posted before, and after getting my test results via a phone call a couple of weeks ago, I've been struggling to get a handle on things.

I have an appointment on June 10th with my doctor to discuss the results of the biopsy I had done earlier this month, but I have so many questions already. The diagnosis has me in a really anxious state and even after googling non-stop I can't find much solace.

I'm aware that I do have HPV and that CIN-2 can potentially turn into cancer. What I'm really concerned about going forward is making sure I don't put myself (or my husband) at risk for any future issues.

My husband and I are newlyweds and having an IUD we have been monogamous and fluid bonded for over three years. This means that we both have HPV, and although I fully comprehend that this isn't uncommon; I'm worried about it means going forward. Can we have sex? Should we not? Is oral sex only putting us both at risk for cancer down the road?

Needless to say, I'm terrified and while I have told my husband about the HPV diagnosis, I haven't told him about the CIN-2.

I know I'm ill-informed, but if anyone could help me gain some insight about CIN-2 I would really appreciate it. And if you've gone through something similar, and have any advise I would be extremely grateful. 

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