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Biopsy taken

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Biopsy taken


Today I had a colposcopy and also a biopsy taken. I have HPV which the doctor has said has turned a small patch of the cells to "abnormal" ... she said the size of her fingernail is the size of the abnormal cells and where is the virus is.

I'm awaiting a letter for my results... but I am very nervous. If it was worse wouldn't they of taken action immediately like the letter stated ? Would they be able to recognise if it was cancer there and then? 

Also, how will I know how long I've had HPV for and how long will it last for ? If they do have to laser the cells and I still have HPV.. will I develop more ?

Thank you and sorry for some many questions :( 


Joss xx


Hi Joss, I had a colposocopy + LLETZ the week before you and it took a week to get my results back. Unfortunately it was cancer - they were aware of this on the day of my procedure, however wanted to tell me this the following week when my husband and a Macmillan nurse were present. Am hoping all went okay for you, and if it wasn't the news that you were hoping for that you are getting the support that you need. With best wishes X

03.11.20 - Smear: high grade dyskaryosis (severe), likely invasion, high risk HPV

25.11.20 - Colposcopy + LLETZ

02.12.20 - Diagnosis: mod. differentiated squamous cell carcinoma min. stage 1b1, LVSI, deep margin, CIN 3

09.12.20 – Rad/chemo recommended, requested ovarian transposition

11.12.20 – 2nd op: recc. surgery pending 2nd MRI + PET scan

16.12.20 – 1st team review: recc. radical trachelectomy pending clear PET scan

22.12.20 - 2nd team update: tumour larger, likely 1B2

05.01.21 - PET scan due

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