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Bleeding after biopsy

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Bleeding after biopsy

Is it normal to be bleeding a week after biopsy? It is light but sometimes its bright red?


Hey Em,

I bled for about 9 days I believe. I don't think it's uncommon, it shouldn't be heavy though!


I had my LLETZ on 3 Sept. I had a fairly heavy bleed for about a day and a half - compared to my periods not heavy but enough to soak my jeans. Then it faded off, and since then I have a tiny bit - I don't know whether I should worry or not - mainly just enough that when I go to the loo I see pink on the loo paper. It seems heavier if I have a big poo. But never more than a bit of pink on the loo roll. I have had a slight belly ache off and on since the LLETZ - but I can't tell if it's digestive or gynecological. It's barely pain, just discomfort. 

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