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Bleeding after sex 2 years after Lletz

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Bleeding after sex 2 years after Lletz

Hi all,

It's been nearly 2 years since I last posted after a successful lletz treatment for CIN3 at age 25.

In the past few months I've been experiencing changes to my period, they've been 7+ days, very painful and heavy at times. the past few times after sex I've been bled with slight cramping. I've got an appointment for the Dr next week, and am feeling a bit anxious about it.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Could these be symptoms of reoccurring CIN?

I did have cervical ectropion at my 6 month follow up smear at the hospital, so I came off the pill to try and clear that up so I don't think that would be it.

Any reassurance, advice or personal experience stories are welcome!


Jun 2018 - first smear

July 2018 - Abnormal results, colposcopy booked 

Aug 2018 - Told at colposcopy CIN3, LLETZ prodedure. Awaiting results 

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