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Bleeding after sex, is it related to CIN1?

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Bleeding after sex, is it related to CIN1?

In March 2017 I got my first pap smear and it returned abnormal cells, with high-risk HPV. I had a colposcopy in april 2017...Results were CIN1 was advised to not worry, to exercise and eat healthy to strengthen my immune system. October 2018 I had my second pap smear and same results of abnormal cells, same advise to continue working out and eating healthy and adding vitamins for my immune system. I would always get sick every season, since then I did start women vitamins and have not had a cold.  My next pap smear is October 2019...2 weeks ago I started having dry blood when I would wipe...it continued for about 5 days and stopped for a week. Now I am bleeding again but it's red and it's only after sex. I took a pregnancy test to assure that's not the reason and it was negative. I have been on birth control for 4 years and my gyno said it would help from getting cervical cancer. I do skip my period for 6 months at a time...it feels like cramps. I'm just worried this could be related to CIN1?


Howcome your gyno told you that birth control will help you prevent cervical cancer? From the research I've done and what I've been told birth control makes things worse as it makes your hormones crazy. I personally stopped taking birth control after knowing I have cin 1 and chronic cervicitis. Right now I'm waiting at the gyno to see what she suggests because I've been told by some gynos to wait another year to re-test and others want me to go ahead to get treatment done. My first abnormal pap was in 2018 so after I got my biopsy done it came back with the CIN1 and chronic cervicitis  and my second one which was on march this year also came back abnormal (ASCUS) and with chronic cervicitis again. My cervix is inflamed and friable so it bleeds very easily. I don't know if the CIN has gotten worse or remained the same though because this last pap didn't tell me. But I have had bleeding after sex before as well as constant yellow discharge and sometimes it has a bit of blood in it. Perhaps you have inflammation like me due to the HPV. This creates a place optimal for the virus to proliferate. That's why I'm trying sooo hard to get rid of this inflammation.

So hopefully this new gyno today will clear my doubts as to what to do. I'm only 24 and no children yet. I want to avoid any excision treatment as much as possible. After all, it doesn't guarantee that the virus and the abnormal cells won't come back. We gotta get rid of the root cause which is the virus or fight it with all we can so it goes dormant and remains dormant for the rest of our lives. I'm also taking vitamins, supplements and changed my diet a few months back. I'll get stricter with it though no matter the outcome. Wish you the best.


I've heard mix things about birth Control with cancer as well. But my ob said it was perfectly fine and she recommended to continue taking them. 

In hoping the bleeding may be from changed of birth control.   My next check up is in October and I'm not sure if I should go earlier.


I'm also 24, I hope it does go away since I do plan to have kids. I have a friend that hers did turn into cancer within a year. I've gone to 3 obgyn the past three years and they all make it sound not too worry it will go away event


Good luck to you ❤️

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