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bleeding two weeks after leep

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bleeding two weeks after leep

I had the Leep about 2 weeks ago. My period came a few days after Leep and now my period seems like it's lasting longer. (over 7 days) How am I supposed to know if I'm still bleeding from the Leep or having a longer period. I just want to make sure I don't have to go back to the doc to get cauterized or anything. It's not heavy bleeding. Thanks!


Hi Rainstorm, I didn't have the same as you but I didn't really bleed at all until 2 weeks after my LLETZ cone. I had some small spotting before that but really not much until the 2 weeks mark.

It is confussing to know the difference between period blood or bleeding from the treatment, I guess my bleeding was more clotty and dark. I was on the pill then so I knew when my period started and ended. If you're concerned or the bleeding increases I think it's best to go visit your doctor. Trust your gut.

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March 2015: Visit to the GP for right side abdominal/pelvic/back pain- referred for a pap smear
March 2015: Pap smear HGSIL CIN2 CIN3 CIS. HPV 16 diagnosed
April 2015: Colposcopy and punch biopsy. Biopsy confirmed CIN3/CIS
May 2015: Cone biopsy under GA as CIN3 detected high in endocervical canal
May 2015: CIN3/CIS confirmed with clear margins!! YAY. Follow up colp every 6 months
Nov 2015: 6 Month follow-up colp + smear- CGIN detected
Nov 2015: ECC and endometrial biopsies taken... results negative.
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