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Bloating, wind and offensive discharge

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Bloating, wind and offensive discharge

I had a LLETZ last Thursday (18th Feb) and since then I've had bad bloating and wind, which isn't helping with the whole feeling grubby thing because I can't have a bath yet. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it last? Was there anything that helped? 

Since yesterday I've also had offensive smelling discharge, I mean it's gross. I've got antibiotics from my GP to start today. Did people find it cleared up pretty quickly?

I'm so tired of feeling gross and icky. 

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16/02/21 - got called for urgent colposcopy

17/02/21 - smear results arrived - high grade (severe) dyskaryosis & HPV

18/02/21 - colposcopy & LLETZ 

24/2/21 - offensive discharge, prescribed antibiotics 

8/3/21 - sent to A&E due to passing clots, discharged same day

18/3/21 - LLETZ results - carcinoma in situ, margins clear, 6 month follow up




I also had alot of bloating and wind. It probably lasted about a week. 

I just made sure I was drinking plenty of water no idea if it helped. But it made me feel better.

Re discharge I was given antibiotics automatically because I had two lots of cauterisation... I did get foul smelling discharge which went on for about two weeks. Nothing I would class as offensive. The unusual smells are quite normal from what I've looked up. But if you have any more concerns speak to your gp x


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