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Brown spotting and bleeding after sex

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Brown spotting and bleeding after sex

Hi all.

i am new to this. Just looking for some support and advice. 

I have suffered from abnormal bleeding for years it tends to come and go and unfortunately it is now back! Two weeks ago after orgasm I started brown spotting and then the day after after sex I started to bleed. Brown spotting all that week tried to have sex again and even more blood after! The blood seems to calm and it turns to brown spotting for around a few more days. I am now on my period which is heavier than usual. 

I have spoken to the GP who seems to think it is my hormones and has changed me to a higher dosage pill however I'm not convinced. Also been told I have a cervical erosion.


i am on yearly smears due to HPV and abnormal cells, last smear this January was HPV but no abnormal cells. Been referred for colopscy.


has anyone else had similar? Feeling lost and frustrated.


Thank you in advance

  1. Hannah

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