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Called back 2 weeks after lletz and no indication of results - feeling worried

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Called back 2 weeks after lletz and no indication of results - feeling worried

Hello all,

I've read through a few other posts and hoped sometime might be able to help.

I've had abnormal smear results for about 15 years but with very mild cell changes. I've been under colposcopy, going back every 12 months for check ups but they have just monitored the issue previously.

So, I had a couple of cancellations for my follow up in the colposcopy clinic including being postponed due to covid as my case was low risk. This has meant my check up was about a year over due. When I eventually had the checkup in January they found high grade dyskariosis (cin2 and cin3). I then had lletz just under two weeks ago. I was told it would be four weeks for the results but the hospital rang today and asked me to go in on Wednesday. They couldn't tell me why or what the result was. What's really worrying me is the appointment on Wednesday just says in gynaecology rather than with colposcopy. I'm so worried about the results of the lletz. Does anyone have experience of this?





Hi just wanted to wish you well with your appointment. It could be many things, sometimes they didnt get a clear margin or results dont match smear. I was called back after lletz as unfortunately they had found tiny amount of cancer however it had been fully removed. That was back in January 2015 and I just got my recent smear results as negative. I was having 6 monthly smears at the time so if yours has turned they should have caught it quickly as you were having more regular smears.


Hi Libby,

Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you've had similar to me. Had my appointment today and it turns out there was a small amount of cancer in the sample from my lletz. However, they think the procedure has removed it all so that's good. I have a few more investigations to do now including an MRI scan which I'm a bit nervous about. But generally feeling a lot better and very pleased to be in the system and being regularly monitored.

Glad to hear yours is going well.





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