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Can doctors see cancer during Colp/leep?

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Can doctors see cancer during Colp/leep?

I had a LEEP done yesterday. The Dr came to see me beforehand saying I didn't have cancer. She said it three times in a row. She is positive. I couldn't ask questions during the procedure I was totally out of if. They gave me something to calm me and it was strong.

After the procedure the nurse came back to me with a message from the Dr saying there is no cancer. 

My question is can a Dr see cancer with that magnifying machine? Even 1a? Should I believe her? She has been doing this for years so she probably knows what cancer looks like. I should get my results in a week.


ASC-H pap results

LEEP to be performed on September 17, 2020

September 20, 2020 LEEP done. Dr said I didn't have cancer. Waiting for results.

LEEP results are CIN3 all margins clear. No cancer. ECC was negative for SIL or cancer.

I go back for another smear in 6 months.

I have not had a pap in about 15 years.

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