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Can they deny you pain relief/anaesthetic for colposcopies and biopsies?

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Can they deny you pain relief/anaesthetic for colposcopies and biopsies?

I was referred for colposcopy in March after receiving abnormal smear results.

The actual results themself don't worry me, as I know it is highly treatable if it even is anything. However, I have been very upset anticipating the procedure itself. 

My doctor was quite dismissive when explaining my smear results and simply said colposcopies were to 'take a closer look at the abnormal cells and treat them', but mentioned nothing about exactly what that would involve (it would have been nice to know that they might take a chunk out of your cervix)

I am now absolutely horrified to find out that biopsies are usually taken without any kind of anaesthetic or pain relief. Sedatives and anaesthetics are given to those undergoing colonoscopies and cystoscopies, but not for women having colposcopies? This just seems totally unethical to me, as the procedure itself is so invasive and I've heard can be quite traumatic and painful for a lot of women.

Having my IUD fitted was painful enough (despite them telling me it wouldn't be) and, it might sound dramatic but I often get flashbacks from that procedure because of how traumatising it was and I don't want to go through any unnecessary or avoidable pain again.

I called the hospital and spoke to them about getting local anaesthetic and they basically said it was up to the doctor to decide on the day whether they think anaesthetic is necessary. I obviously want to get the biopsy, if needed, but am not willing to do it without Local.

Has anyone else here felt the same or had anaesthetic denied on the day because it was deemed 'unnecessary'?



Nick Nak

I had a biopsy done about 3 years ago and had silver nitrate and a polyp removed. it is uncomfortable but definitely didn't need anesthetic. I think if there needed to be a more invasive treatment then they would put u to sleep. But the general looking, biopsy's and some treatments are ok and manageable. 

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