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Cervical Ectropion -- abnormal bleeding after sex

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Cervical Ectropion -- abnormal bleeding after sex


I wanted to make this post to give others hope who have bleeding during/after sex. So to start at the beginning, I found out fall 2014 I had HSV-2 after sleeping with a guy once (even used a condom!). I assumed he also gave me HPV. Before that encouter I had a normal pap result and I was 21 years old. Fast forward to Feb 2018 I'm due for another pap and I'm also bringing up this abnormal bleeding I've been having after sex. My nurse practioner told me the bleeding is from cervical ectropion and it's normal and harmless. She said there's not much to do about it, even if you do choose cautery it's better to wait until after children because cautery can cause scarring that may harm the cervix. After this appointment I got my LSIL (mild changes) result, thinking, "great I probably have HPV." The note said to return in a year for another pap test.  

Fast forward to Monday 1/7/19. I go in again because it seems like the bleeding has gotten worse and I'm concerned that this isn't just a harmless problem. I saw a phsycian (MD) who said "Given your abnormal pap last year and bleeding developing over the past 2 years I would've never told you something atypical like this was normal to develop in your mid 20s. We need to schedule a colposcopy to look closer and possibly biopsy to rule out cervical cancer." She also took another pap. So this entire week I've been scared to death because I legitimately thought I probably had cervical cancer or at least CIN 1, 2, or 3 (CIN was my best case scenario thought). 

Today I had my appointment. I brought my husband for support because I was worried I'd be a total mess if I was told I had cancer. I got ready in the procedure room and we sat waiting for my doctor to come in. She walks in smiling, "your pap came back normal." I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. She continued with the polcoscopy just to be sure. It's also normal for cervical ectropion. She applied the vinegar, no white spots. I asked her to take a biopsy just in case, so she took a random sample. It didn't hurt at all. She said she assumes it'll be normal, but I'll hear back in a couple days. 

This was the worst week of my life, but today felt like such a gift. My advice is stop googling your symtoms. I did that and saw so many cervical cancer diagnoses due to the bleeding after sex, but it turned out to be an anatomical difference. It's not worth worrying until you know for sure that something is wrong. My hope to anyone reading this is that you will also be fine. 


Thanks for reading my story. I'll update with the biopsy results. 

Abnormal bleeding after sex ~2 years

Abnormal pap 2/1/18 --LSIL

Normal pap 1/11/19

Polcoscopy, normal ectropion 1/11/19


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