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Cervical ectropion, abnormal bleeding and pain - what can I expect with my scan?

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Cervical ectropion, abnormal bleeding and pain - what can I expect with my scan?


I'm 25 and I'm due an pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound on Thursday as a precaution following diagnosis of a cervical ectropion. I've been bleeding since February 26th (which coincidentally was my ovulation day) and in pain since February 28th. I'm worried about what to expect and not sure about what I should say to the doctor during the appointment.

I started spotting between periods for the first time for around 3 or 4 days in December 2019, again around ovulation. I then got my period 3 days early in January, 10 days late in February and then the second round of spotting in February when the ectropion was diagnosed. The pains started the day after my diagnosis and I was told on March 1st when my bleeding was at its worst that it was likely a cyst that had ruptured so they sent me home with painkillers.

My cervical screening result in July 2019 was normal, but I had to have a series of yeast infection treatments. My urine and swab samples have come back clear but my doctor and I were discussing the extreme amount of stress I've been under since December last year. The only shift in the lead up to my appointment is that my symptoms have lessened considerably since getting my period (on time) last Thursday.

I have vaginismus so I'm a low risk for HPV since I've never had penetrative sex but I'm still super concerned. Two years ago my mum was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer without having any symptoms so things like this cause me a lot of anxiety.

I'm sorry if this is inappropriate here but I would really appreciate some support, even if just an internet hug.

Thanks for reading.

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