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Cervical Ectropion/ Abnormal cells

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Cervical Ectropion/ Abnormal cells


I have a question not sure if anyone has had this experience or can answer me. If you have cervical ectropion can these cells have abnormal cell changes on them and would these show up using the acetic acid test? I have been told I have a large ectropion, my smear test came back high grade (severe) dyskariosis but my punch biopsy came back as CIN 1/2 and I wondered if, the acetic acid test impacted my result if the cells were on the glandular lining which because I have ectropion is also on the outside and whether they would be seen by the colposcopist using that test. As I appreciate its a different type of cell and I think is called CGIN if I remember rightly...

This whole smear/ colposcopy malarkey is a minefield with everyone having such different experiences! I think I would be fine if I didn’t have two such different results!

Thanks! :)


Did they do an ECC biopsy which is the one for the cervical canal? That's where they get samples for the glandular cells. I also have ectropion and HRHPV CIN1 for over a year and my ECC has come back normal both colposcopies (thank god) only chronic and acute cervicitis but no dysplasia. The acetic acid is only for them to see where the abnormal cells are I don't think it has effect on the resultsa at all. What strain of HPV do you have? I don't know mine I only know it's not 16/18/45


Hi Scarlettdreams,

Thanks for your reply. No I don't think they did do that type of biopsy as she said that there was only 1/3 of the cervix that turned white with the acetic acid and she took the biopsy from the bit she said looked the worse.
So my question is is, if there was abnormal cells on the ecteopion would this turn white with the acetic acid test? 
I don't know what HPV I have I haven't ever been tested for it as I have high grade cell changes they assume that it's HPV related so don't test I am lead to believe.


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