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Cervical Leukoplakia

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Cervical Leukoplakia

Hi everyone,

I had my first LLETZ treatment on 12th Oct. My results are not back yet but I have received a letter from my GP saying that there was some leukoplaktic area which can sometimes hide high-grade disease. It seems like there is no end to this story as I googled leukoplaktic cervix and I was not happy with what I found... It is taking too long and every time I hope it is finished it is just not...It's becoming unbearable for me. I am a young woman (29 years old) with no children but I wanted to ask if I would be eligible for a hysterectomy if I ask for? The idea of something living with me and trying to kill me slowly makes me feel super anxious. I'd rather prefer to give up on the idea of having children rather than being anxious constantly.

Any help or advice please?

Thanks for your time.



Hi Nikoo

i am afraid I have never heard of what you have detailed in your letter but I am in the same situation as you. i am 28 and Had my col on the 12th and got my letter from my consultant the other day detailing severe cgin with high density and abnormal vessels. Waiting around is the worse part but I would recommend not making any decisions until your results are back and you know what you are dealing with, then you can weigh up al your options.

how long did your consultant say the results would take? I have been told 4-6 weeks for mine. 

wishing you wel!


Hi Shireen,


Thanks very much for your heartwarming message. That's very sweet. (as it is the meaning of your name if I am right and it is a very beautiful name.)

I think my results will be back in a month time as my Dr said...You are compeletely right but I think I have been just overwhelmed as since July things are just getting worse. First I was told it was a minimal area and now it seems after each checkup they find something new. I am very happy with NHS service and I have no complaints whatsoever but it is just me. I am very down because each time I feel things are going to be OK but something more serious happens. I have become sexually active not even two years ago so I am wondering how things could have had progressed so fast considering my first exposion to the virus.

I wish you well too and I hope things will be cleared soon. By the way I am 28 too but as my birthday is going to be soon I just said 29. Keep me posted once you will recieve your results. xx




Hi Nikoo, 

I don't have experience of your exact situation but I've been back and forth to appointments for 18 months now and they're still trying to find the source of my repeated high grade smear results (currently awaiting results of 2nd lletz) so I can completely understand your anxiety and frustration. 

I talked to my consultant about having a hysterectomy 6 months ago (I'm 33, no children and no intention to have any) as I would prefer to go ahead with hysterectomy to remove the whole potential area of concern. I know exactly what you mean about feeling like there might be something horrible living inside :(

He wasn't keen for two reasons - one being my age and lack of children (patronising in my opinion) but also because after a hysterectomy it's impossible to biopsy the whole thing so it's still not 100% that they'll find the area where the cells have changed. He said it's only about 4% of the sample that would be tested so if they do the hysterectomy without knowing where the dodgy bit is, it's not guaranteed it solves the problem! 

They haven't found anything wrong with my cervix, so in my example he said they could potentially put me through a big operation and then it turn out that the problem cells are actually in my vagina so then the whole thing would have been for nothing. Unfortunately it's not a guaranteed cure for the problem until they know what they're dealing with.

I know the waiting hurts, but you have to put your faith in your medical team and know that if they felt your situation required urgency then there would be no hanging around.

All you can do at this stage is look after yourself and try to keep your chin up while you wait. Much easier said than done but there's plenty of support on here if you need it.

Sorry this turned into an essay! I'll keep my fingers crossed you get some positive answers soon. My lletz was on 13th so hopefully I won't be far behind :) xx


Hi Marple,

Thanks very much for your kind words. It brought tears to my eyes.

I know I need to be more strong but its about lots of emotions and regrets. I keep blaming myself for not getting the vaccination as I keep thinking it could be prevented. I know it is not helpful to think like this at this stage but still a big part of my pain is emotional...


I have a question for you. If they could find nothing in your cervix so where they have performed your first and second LLETZ?


I hope you we all feel better soon!xx




It's so hard to take your mind off it while you're waiting for results, I know. I've felt the same, wondering if it's my fault for not demanding the vaccine, for having unprotected sex, but ultimately there's absolutely nothing we can do to change the past and who knows if it would make a difference even if we could.

The emotions are exhausting - I've been on this road for a little longer so I know how hard it was at first, but I think over time I've had to talk myself into channelling that energy into positive thinking and making positive changes rather than putting myself through the emotional wringer of blame and regret. I know it's not easy but just try to put the past in the past and concentrate on what you can do now.

Can't change the past but the future is what we make it! If something good can come from this crap situation then great - I've quit smoking, started looking after myself better - it won't fix my cervix but it's all positive actions for my future and focuses my energy on happier things :)

To answer your question, my first lletz came back completely clear so this time they did it under general anaesthetic and went much deeper inside the cervix opening than last time. Think he was planning on taking not just the cervix but also the inside bit behind it if you see what I mean. 

No idea what's next if this one comes back clear too so maybe I'll eventually get my hysterectomy, but I would like them to actually find where the problem is if possible! 

Hope you get some proper results first time around xx



I know where you are both coming from the longer this wait goes on the more I keep thinking about it. i know a few people have heard after 10 days so now everytime my phone goes I am a bit anxious

I am also still having dull pains and aches in that area - are either of you experiencing that still?

my fingers are crossed for us all! X


Hi both,


Thanks very much for your kind answes.


Marple all your words is so true. It's really inspirational that you quit smoking. It's very important o try to live a happy life. Despite the bitterness of these difficult moments for me, I also found a chance to re-evaluate my relationships and friendships. My partner has been very supportive and patient with me through this time...I guess I could never know how reliable he was if I didn't have this...your words means a lot to me Marple. I try to be happier.

Shirin I am sorry you are in pain. I had pain in my injection site but I got my period today and the pain is now masked! I was a bit scarde of the risk of infection because my watery discharges have been a bit yellowish but now I don't have any chance to check them anymore. A short trip to your GP makes no harm if you have pain. Maybe he/she can check you again so you can put your mind at rest.


I hope that we all recover soon and keep each other posted with the best results. Thanks for being with me in the most difficults days of my life. I am very grateful. xx



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