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Cervical pain month after colposcopy and biopsies

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Cervical pain month after colposcopy and biopsies


has anyone experienced something similar? A little back ground, I have switched contraception from the depo injection to the pill. I wasn't having periods for a while but I have not stopped bleeding since having my colposcopy, sometimes it is spotting and sometimes it is a bit more of a flow. 

my reason for posting is that I am having quite a bit of pain in my cervix like stabbing pains and the bleeding/ spotting hasn't stopped ever since having my colposcopy a month ago. 

has anyone had a similar experience?


thank you


Did you have a lletz treatment or just a colposcopy? If you had lletz I'd say maybe you're still healing or you have an infection so would need antibiotics. I had infections after lletz and my only symptoms were bleeding and a stabby/pinching pain. If you only had a colposcopy then maybe its just where you've changed contraception and the bleeding maybe hormonal as can happen with some pills. If you had lletz I would call your gp and get them to check. I have regular colposcopies and they dont cause any symptoms as its just a look. 

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