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Cervical scarring/ biopsy

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Cervical scarring/ biopsy


I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical cancer in October, which was removed by LLETZ, I had a second LLETZ as there was clear margins on the cancer but not CIN. Any way I have been to my follow up today and they could see where I had the last LLETz as the area was more white the usual cervix tissue and then a small area that she said was 'scar tissue' as it was not taking up the iodine as much but took biopsies to be on the safe side. This area was very close to the start of the transformation zone where the early cancer was found. 

Has anyone had a situation where they have had biopsies taken and it has turned out to be scar tissue? Or an early cancer come back in the same area? 

Thanks, Hayley 


I had a trachelectomy in 2015 for stage 1B1 and got biopsies taken just last year as bled during check ups and they came back just as scar tissue :) 


Hi tinker belle,

Thank you for your response, that's reassuring and I'm glad you were ok. The waiting is a killer I'm really struggling with it. Hopefully it will just be scar tissue.


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