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Cervix ectropion

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Cervix ectropion


Im sorry to have to post this on such a delicate site. But im worried and would greatly appreciate any advice. 

some background info im 25, me and my husband share 3 daughters aged 6,7 and 9 months. Im anemic and had b12 deficiency during pregnancy, blood test for hormones and the above topics due soon.

Past 4 months my periods have became later and later and alot heavier. I used to have my period around the 12th of each month but as they've became later and later my last one was on the 4th of july 10 days later than the month previous which was later than the month previous to that. Ive been feeling really ill tired and just generally crap, not having any feeling to eat, and when i do feel full after just mouthfuls which is very unusual for me. During my last period i was having leg and hip pain what i can only describe as a jolting nerve shooting down, this comes and goes since last month, a week after my last period i was doubled over in pelvic pain which has never happened before. Ive also been spotting bright pink since last month everyday just in general and after intercourse, with bouts of pelvic pain. 

Due to this i visted the dr who had a look and said my cervix was raw and was bleeding during the examination, after this she had a feel around which ive never had done before either. She mentioned cervical eptropion but ive never used any contraception? Without mentioning anything she told me not to worry as i only had my smear done in febuary (which came back fine) but her randomly saying that is what has put me at unease. She reffered me for a colposcopy and told me i would be contacted within 2 weeks, does this mean it is an urgent referral? Ive been bleeding really heavily since the 4th of july 3 days after drs visit, there seems to be black squiggly bits like mini clots each time i wipe which ive never had before? I don't this is my period as i was expecting it to be later and take on the pattern it has months previously also i usually get bad cramps but have had nothing apart from abit of pelvic pain, im usually dark red but this blood for 3 days now has stayed bright red.

Any advice would be gretaly appreciated! Thankyou so much Lyn.

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