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Hi there,


I am hoping for some reassurance and advice. I had my smear results the week before last which came back as abnormal and positive for HPV and advised I would need a colposcopy and treatment. I had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment on Thursday. 

I found it all a little overwhelming and didn't ask all the questions I should have done. The consultant was very lovely and helpful but I am a little confused as to what to expect from the biopsy result. I should get biopsy results in about 4 weeks. I suffer from a health anxiety disorder and this experience has resulted in quite a severe anxious reaction. 


basically I'm terrified I have cancer (this is always the focus of my health anxieties!)! I'm not sure who to talk to or where to seek advice - the idea of waiting for 4 weeks whilst experiencing such high levels of anxiety is just excruciating.


in addition to all this I have a rash on my left breast which is really itchy (although other parts of my abdomen are also very itchy) and have had some mild discomfort in my hip for several months now. 

all of this is causing me to be ridiculously terrified that there is something really wrong but I'm not sure where to seek advice and reassurance. Can anyone relate or offer some advice?


sorry if I sound completely mad - my anxieties don't bring out the best of me! Grateful for any thoughts or advice.

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