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Chronic cervicitis/inflammation along with the HR HPV?

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Chronic cervicitis/inflammation along with the HR HPV?

Hello again, I was wondering if any of you have had results that show chronic cervicitis/inflammation along withthe high risk HPV and dysplasia? I am worried that my inflammation will only make the cells progress instead of regressing. I have had chronic cervicitis since September 2018 when I got my biopsy done. My last pap was in March 2019 and I still have chronic inflammation and it bleeds to the touch. Does anyone have any experience with this? And how to treat the inflammation? My obgyn have said it's due to the HPV. I have read online that cervicitis promotes cellular changes so it is worrying me a lot. Will cryosurgery get rid of it or make it worse? I don't wanna submit myself into unecessary treatment.

Thanks - xx

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