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CIN 1 and vaccine

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CIN 1 and vaccine


I’m 21 and recently had my first Pap smear, which shockingly came back as ASCUS. A month later, I had a colposcopy which showed CIN 1. I know I have a high risk type (or types) of HPV, but it is not 16, 18, or 45. I’ve been really worried about this and it’s been driving me literally crazy. My doctor wants to see me in 3 months, and if the CIN is still there, he thinks we should remove it. This has me very anxious because I’m only 21 and don’t want to do anything that could potentially keep me from having kids in the future, but I also don’t want to risk leaving it and it developing into cancer a long the road. I (for some unknown reason) have a pretty weak immune system, as I get sick very easily, but I’m willing to try anything to clear the HPV in hopes that my cells will go back to normal in their own.

Ive been taking B12, vitamin E and folic acid daily. I also was told that there is some evidence that getting the Gardasil vaccine can boost the immune system and help fight the HPV, so I got that today. Has anyone had similar issues and had any help from the vaccine?

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