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CIN1, HPV, Cervical Ectropian

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CIN1, HPV, Cervical Ectropian

Hi, I'm so sorry to bother you all but my health took a turn for the worst aa I turned 30 and now every little thing scares me (I become severely anemic with a blood count of 30 and was rushed to hospital for a blood transfusion, that was in 2017)


  • So in 2014 I had my first ever smear came back fine.
  • In 2018 my smear came back abnormal with HPV positive; gynaecologist could see a small are of abnormal cells at colposcopy but biopsy confirmed CIN1 and was put onto yearly scans.
  • My pap smear in 2019 came back HPV negative. I rang and asked if that means my CIN 1 has gone and I was told 'most likely' and have been put back onto 3 yearly scans.
  • I start bleeding after sex since February 2020, not every time but at least on two occasions per month.
  • Feb 2020 went doctors, GP took a swab for STIs and came back fine.
  • Went again because of bleeding after sex in April, GP looked at cervix and said she could see a 'small are' ectropian but referred me to gynaecologist as they now have to with any form of bleeding.

I am due to see gynaecologist next week but I'm so scared that the small are of ectropian is actually the small area of CIN1 that has progressed? But it that possible if I was HPV negative inbetween all this? I guess my question is can CIN1 turn into CIN2/3 or cancer without HPV? 


Sorry for the waffle but any help/insight would be appreciated...

Thank you..

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