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CIN1 for Two Years

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CIN1 for Two Years

Hi all,

I had my first abnormal screening two years ago (summer 2018), where my screening then a colposcopy confirmed CIN1 (although apparently the first screening looked more serious, the biopsy didn't confirm it).

I've since been back every six months for two years, and nothing has changed - still CIN1. In many ways I feel incredibly lucky that it hasn't progressed, but I'm still a bit confused. The nurses still seem to be relying on the idea that my body could heal it by itself, but it's not. I wish it would, as I've never smoked and always thought I had a pretty decent immune system, plus I'm only 30.

I have a feeling they'd rather watch and see what happens since I haven't yet had kids (and would quite like them), and would rather not pursue treatment until anything more serious shows itself.

Is anyone else in the same position? Has anyone else had low grade CIN for (what feels like) a long time?

Lots of love to all going through this and more challenging things,


July 2018 - Cervical smear (abnormalities)

August 2018 - Colposcopy (CIN1)

January 2019 - Colposcopy (CIN1)

July 2019 - Colposcopy (CIN1)

January 2020 - Colposcopy (CIN1)

August 2020 - Colposcopy (CIN1)


I've had HPV and mild dyskaryosis since invite age (2.5 years ago) and have had annual colposcopies since then and no major change. Had my 3rd colposcopy a few weeks ago and had smear done at same time which showed same results, so went back today for my first ever biopsy, as they want to keep a closer eye on things due to it being a few years now x


I'm 30 and have had high risk HPV since my first smear. I had borderline cell changes at my first smear and have had low grade dyskaryosis since. I have annual smear tests and colposcopies. I had my most recent smear a few weeks ago which was HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis again, so I'm having another colposcopy in November. 

I'm really worried as I've obviously got persistent high risk HPV. I've been with my husband for over a decade so must have had it for a while before my first smear, and it's obviously causing cell changes, so I'm really concerned that I'm just waiting for these changes to turn in to something more sinister :( 

Age 30.

- August 2016 - 1st smear, age 26. Borderline cell changes & HPV+.

- August 2016 - 1st colposcopy. Looked normal. Recommended annual smears.

- August 2017 - 2nd smear. Cell sample looked normal, HPV not mentioned.

- October 2017 - June 2018 - pregnancy.

- September 2019 - 3rd smear. Low grade dyskaryosis & HPV+.

- December 2019 - 2nd colposcopy. Low grade dyskaryosis confirmed. To continue with annual smears.

- September 2020 - 4th smear. Low grade dyskaryosis & HPV+.

- November 2020 - 3rd colposcopy.


That's why you'll go annually though, they would hopefully pick up on anything before it becomes nasty x

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