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Cin3 left untreated

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Cin3 left untreated

I had a colposcopy came back cin3 had a leep and it did have clear margins except in the top hat. They also did an ECC which came back cin3 and my doctor is going to just leave it there????? Why leave it? I couldn’t even get an answer from the doctor as to why. He just wants to leave it be for six months. I have read in other groups where it has progressed to cancer ( sometimes) in that short amount of time. Why would they want to get the cin3 at the outer part of cervix but not the inner part of cervix? 

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Hi Regena, 


I can't say for certain based on your specific health issue what the right choice is, but I can say that I would feel very worried as well. Can you look into getting a second opinion? If you don't think this is the right way to go, you should look into getting a second opinion from another gyne. I can't imagine spending the next 6 months of my life questioning whether my doctor made the right decision on something that is so important. 


I would love to hear an update when you can. Good luck out there. 

Nov 2018 - Abnormal pap (low grade CIN)

Feb 2019 - Colposcopy (CIN III)

May 2019 - Leep (result CIN III with one margin that is not visualized in sample. Negative ECC)

June 2019 - Leep 2  with top hat. Awaiting pathology report

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