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Clear colposcopy, severe dyskaryosis detected on smear

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Clear colposcopy, severe dyskaryosis detected on smear

Hi all
I had a repeat colonoscopy a month ago, and whilst there was told I didn't even need a biopsy as there was no sign of changes. I was told I would most likely be discharged.
A month later Ive just opened a letter saying that the smear showed severe dyskaryosis! They have booked me an appointment for a week today, and are going to discuss at their monthly meeting. This has sent my anxiety through the roof!! I keep thinking if they missed that what else have they missed.
I don't get periods with the pill I'm on, but did get spotting for a day after having my smear. I also get lower back ache which started about 6 months ago, and cramps which come and go. Have always associated these with hormonal changes but now I'm reading into everything. Just wanted to vent really as I'm so worried!

4 colposcopies over 2 years moderate-severe dyskaryosis 

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