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Clinic overview results

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Clinic overview results



I had a colposcopy two weeks ago and just received my letter confirming that I went to my GP. It references:


High-risk HPV

Low grade dykaryosis

Large, delicate ectropian type 1 transformation zone with areas where there may be some high grade precancerous changes or it may be inflammation 


I'm at a loss to figuring out what this potentially means and obviously haven't had my full results yet so don't want to worry or jump ahead. I would be interested to know if anybody had a colposcopy for similar and if you have any insight?


sending love and thanks,




Having just looked it up, it says erosion. I think maybe they are just investigating what that might be about ?

that was just a google search though. Level 1 is low, doesn't seem anything much to worry about ? I think they are maybe trying to work out if there are any higher grade cell changes or what they can see is just erosion  inflammation?


Age 55

first HPV positive and abnormal smear test (borderline) January 2021. Definitely a new infection from the last 4 and a half years 

Colposcopy seemed low risk

Biopsy showed CIN2

I have been told verbally I will have LLETZ, though waiting for MDT on 7th April  Might be  about 2 weeks after that.

well 7th didnt happen-14th now 



Around late 2018 one of my routine Pap smear came back as Abnormal and we kept repeating them after every 6 months or so which never changed that. Then my doctor started talking to me about possibilities of them turning to cancer and told me we need to do biopsy ASAP and if they find something he would advice me to go ahead and remove the uterus ( my fault for assuring him I dint need more kids ) I have to boys one 20 and the other one 14 am 37 years old .

so removing the uterus at that time wasn't as scary for me as the biopsy coz I know biopsy is a big word associated with cancer . So I went for second opinion different doctor.

my symptoms were itching down there for almost a year and bleeding after Sex not to mention irregular periods . The new doctor said he don't see anything at during pap procedure so that really encouraged me . Gave me a shot and medication ( not sure what it was I forgot ) this was early 2019 . After that shot I was not itching no hurting after sex until to this day, then the papsmear results came as abnormal again so they found high risk hpv and ordered a biopsy . Biopsy came back as Hsil and was scheduled for a lletz under GA . 
Had lletz under GA yesterday and not as bad as I expected. They put some iv then last thing I remember is being told to take deep breath in a mask then I had someone calling my name hours later . Went in theater at 1:20ish and came to minutes to 4pm , was slightly dizzy until I got home and slept , tried to eat oats maybe 3 bites and I was done . So just woke up like 2 hours ago , no pain no bleeding . Sorry for long story but I was personally looking for such stories to know what to expect . My prayers were answered no GA side effects and the procedure was a success. Glory be to God.


Hi Tan!

I had cervical erosion (ectropian) noted at my colposcopy  and they cauterised it for me as they believed this is what caused my spotting since then I haven't actually spotted! They did say that it's quite common and can be caused from a variety of things, the pill, child birth or just irritation. In my case they did note CIN1 but it was CIN3 but have been told them have treated it with LLETZ. So I know easier said than done but try not to worry when I was told I googled everything and convinced myself it was something more sinister. I hope yours is the same as mine and can reassure you a little bit xx

Previous abnormal smears. Low grade

Overdue smear by two years thanks to an "admin error" and having someone else's smear recorded on my file.

Nov 20 - smear test  

Dec 20 abnormal result - mild

Feb 21 - colposcopy - no treatment advised CIN 1 and erosion noted

March 21 - biospy result CIN 3

March 21- LLETZ waiting result 

3 weeks wait for results - LLETZ removed CIN3, CIN1 present return in six months for repeat smear

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