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Cold coagulation blood/pain/sex

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Cold coagulation blood/pain/sex

Hi I'm new here. I've just had cold coagulation yesterday under a general anaesthetic (I'm a big baby and couldn't do it awake if I tried) it was CIN 3 and was only told on the day of my surgery what it actually was. No one would tell me anything for over a year of waiting for treatment and biopsy's the lot.

so I got home over 24hrs ago. I've had bad cramps yesterday and zero painkillers today just a heat pack. I've had no discharge, no blood, nothing. Is this normal? Does it come later?

what is the guideline for sex? My surgeon said 3 weeks, online says 2-6 weeks. I feel fine, my partner has just got back home from a war zone and haven't seen each other in seven months, as you can imagine it's not the greatest time for this. Some say wait until there is no pain or bleeding but if I have none now when I can I judge this? I'm not talking today but a week?

ive buried my head in sand about everything to be honest except for the sex part. Maybe it will all hit me later down the line but I've been told to come back in six months to see so I shall be an ostrich till then I guess. 

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