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Colposcopy biopsy

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Colposcopy biopsy

So I had my colposcopy done and she found a spot to biopsy on the cervix and she also biopsied the tunnel leading into. It hurt terribly. Is this a bad sign? I’m nervous hoping someone can offer insight

Lynn Poe
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I had my 1st colposcopy and LLETZ today. I had a local anesthetic to cut away all the bit they had too and never felt it at all

Did you get a local anesthetic?

Smear test - 19th Sept 19 - abnormal cells Colposcopy and LLETZ - 17th Oct 2019

I don’t think so but am unsure

Lynn Poe

I didn't feel the biopsy and I didn't have anesthetic. I wouldn't worry about whether the pain you had means it's something serious, as everyone's different and feels pain differently especially when you're in a vulneable position, I know when I had my LLETZ done my senses were all over the show. If you are worried about what they might have found, do you have their number? It might help to write down your questions in preparation and to give them a call and ask to speak to your colposcopist. They will have used the magnifying colposcope and they should be avle

to explain why they chose to biopsy you in a certain area and what thier rationale was behind it. I asked a million questions in my first appointment and then took an A4 side of paper with more questions during my LLETZ after I had time to digest my first appointment. It's difficult in the

moment to know what to ask especially when you're in one of the most vulnerable and frightening positions you might ever be in. I hope that's helpful. Ask all the questions, so many questions, there's probably a straightforward answer to it and something they get asked a lot. 


I had mine done last week and it hurt terribly! She had to take 3 punch biopsies as the first two times she didnt get enough tissue? And each time it got more painful!

I was in agony and it still hurts now 3 days later. You’re not alone but it’s strange how it affects some of us more than others! It’s like a really bad period pain on the left hand side which is where I’m guessing she took the tissue from! If I need further treatment I am definitely going to ask for an anaesthetic

Sept 2019 abnormal smear Oct 2019 3 punch biopsies awaiting result

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