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Colposcopy with punch biopsy/pregnancy

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Colposcopy with punch biopsy/pregnancy

So mainly posting to find people in similar situation who can share their experience.

22 weeks pregnant currently

I have had abnormal pap smears for 6 years with ASCUS and hpv positive.first time colposcopy has been suggested because i have been having horrible symptoms for several years and they have gotten worse in pregnancy with all possible tests coming up negative. I have had watery and thick green discharge,spotting and passing unrecognizable peices of tissue with with orange globby discharge that will come out with it. Basically every consistency and color under the sun. Sex has been painful fir several years especially afterwards. I was told it was from ovarian cysts. Well i havnt had an ovarian cyst in 2 years now and still have pain in the same exact spot. 

Finally got my colposcopy done on 3/13/19 and it was extremely painful for me. Punch biopsy was taken because he saw a lot of abnormalities and visible lesions. He only did one biobsy since I'm pregnant to try to not irritate my cervix to much. I was bleeding an abnormal amound and it took 20 minutes to stop the bleeding. I was told to take pelvic rest for 2 weeks since I'm pregnant. The day after the biobsy i stopped spotting but my pelvis was in such pain it felt like i had given birth. It was hard to walk so i tried to rest. On the 3rd day i woke up with copious amounts of discharge that started soaking my underwear. I started bleeding heavy,passing clots and tissue so i had to go to labor and delivery. My pelvis was in such bad pain i felt like i was in labor. Baby seemed great but i was having contractions and cervical ultrasound performed and my cervix had started funneling from the inside so at this point in pregnancy i am now cervicaly incompetent and on bed rest and long term pelvic rest to stop contractions. 

Now on my 5th day after my punch biopsy and i am still in so much pain. It hurts to walk Im now waddling like im 8 months pregnant and i feel incredibly weak when trying to lift thinks. My discharge is heavy with a lot of stringiness with blood and light brown.

Anyone else get a biopsy in pregnancy? How was your healing? Did it bring up any issues in your pregnancy?

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