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Colposcopy Results

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Colposcopy Results

Hi Everyone, 

I'm new to this so apologies if I've put this in the wrong place. I was just looking for advice really. After reading numerous different posts on here and Google I thought it would be best to just ask the people who have been through the same thing :-) 

I had my colposcopy on the 22nd of May and today I have received a letter inviting me for an appointment for a ultrasound of the pelvis (inc transvaginal). I have had no results back from the colposcopy or a phone call. I called the hospital today to see if they had any results in and they said there was nothing on the system yet. 

Has anyone else had this? 

Becky x 

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I did my colpo 6/7 and was told i have severe dysplasia and they are wanting to do a leep procedure. Im so confused  

- Abnormal LSIL pap 4/11/19 

-Colpo Results (High Grade Severe Dysplasia) 06/14/2019

-LEEP procedure scheduled 7/19/19

-Leep procedure completed 8/2/19

-CKC scheduled 9/12/19


Hi Becky,

Did you have any biopsy’s taken or Lletz done at colposcopy? 

I saw gynae (not colposcopy) 2 weeks ago and they took biopsy’s , they told me then they would book me for an ultrasound also , so I have received an appointment letter for that but still not heard anything about my biopsy results. I phoned hospital a couple of days ago to chase and they said haven’t had anything back from lab yet .... the waiting is agonising!

Hope you hear something soon! My heart sinks  everytime the postman comes!  

Take care

joanne xxx 

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