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Colposcopy Waiting Times

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Colposcopy Waiting Times

Hi all,


I receieved a letter on the 01/10 advising although I had no abnormal cells in my follow up smear after LLETZ treatment in Jan, I was still HPV + and had been referred back to the Colposcopy clinic.


I just wanted to know what sort of wait times people had had for appointments recently? It's nearly 4 weeks since I receieved the letter and I have made a note to chase when we hit the 6 week mark as I'm concious Covid may be having an affect.


Any advice appreciated :)



Abnormal cells & LLETZ - 2015

CIN3 & LLETZ - 2020

No abnorma cells but HPV+ - 2020 (awaiting Colposcopy)


Hi! I got the abnormal cells letter in April this year and advised I would wait until 31st July for a colposcopy.

End of May, I had a phone call saying there was an appointment for me on 8th June due to change in appointments or something.

Hope you get one soon x

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