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Colposcopy/Lletz during lockdown 3

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Colposcopy/Lletz during lockdown 3

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone could give some advice. I had my colposcopy and biopsy in December and a few biopsies were taken and I'm currently awaiting results, I'm on week 3 and I was advised 4 weeks so I'll chase next week if not received, I know it's likely there will be delays.

I was wondering if anyone has had lletz done since the uk went into the 3rd Lockdown, or whether these have started to get cancelled? I know during the first lockdown many appointments got cancelled, but I've not read anything this time around.

im expecting my biopsy to come back cin2/3 and I hope to just get the treatment out of the way if needed. It's such a long process and it's a little draining, waiting for smear results, then biopsy results, and then probably lletz results and another smear 6 months later hoping that I won't have to be referred again. I know there's a lot worse going on at the moment, and I feel a bit selfish for feeling so anxious about the wait.


thanks guys 💕


Hello Lily,

I was referred straight for colposcopy with LLETZ which I had yesterday following abnormal high grade dyskaryosis and high grade HPV.

I didn't have a pleasant experience with the LLETZ but most people on here will tell you it's absolutely fine. I have been told 3-4 weeks for my LLETZ results as it was pushed as urgent, I didn't have a colposcopy with biopsies first just straight in with treatment, she was very cautious with what she said to me and said she couldn't give any results without viewing under a microscope so just going to wait out.

If it's been 3 weeks I would call and chase, a lot of people on here have called at 3 weeks and been given the results and still not go there letter until over a week later so maybe be worth finding out if they're sat in the system?


18/12/20 routine smear (first one) 

7/1/21 results from smear, abnormal high grade HPV and high grade dyskaryosis 

12/1/21 Colposcopy with LLETZ treatment (waiting for results)

Symptoms before smear, bleeding between periods, hip, pelvic and lower back pain, bleeding after intercourse (all intermittently) 




thank you so much for your reply, I'll give them a ring maybe Friday, I know that letters can be a nightmare. I received my colposcopy appointment before receiving my smear results by post.


im sorry your experience wasn't great! I took a while to heal after the biopsy and I know lletz will be longer so just wanting it out the way. I kind of wish they'd have done the lletz then and there.

im glad they're still going ahead, I got so nervous the wait would be longer if they were cancelled again.

wishing you a speedy recovery! Xx



i had my lletz done Monday and I'm actually still waiting for my letter for that appointment haha it's got lost in the post somewhere but I phoned to get my appointment and then phoned the day before to check everything was going ahead which it was!

Nov 2020: Smear

Dec 2020: Colopscopy - CIN3 Severe

11/1/21 Lletz

results pending

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