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Last week I went for my 12 month check up following colposcopy last year when I had cin1. This year I decided to get myself all worked up, unexpectedly. I pretty much cried for my whole appointment so couldn't take in much of what was said. I was also on my period, first day, I had advised the secretary the day before and she told me to still go. However, when I was there the lady doing the colposcopy said I should have rescheduled. Anyway... she checked my cervix and did a smear test. I was told nothing abnormal could be seen but to wait for results of my smear. However, the smear could need repeating due to my period.

My question is, why do a smear if they can't see anything abnormal on my cervix?. Previously I've always had a smear test then a colposcopy not the other way round. I'd have much preferred to have visited my GP for the smear as opposed to the hospital. 

First smear @ 25 - normal 

Second smear 04/2018 - positive HPV no changes

Third smear  07/2019 - HPV positive and low grade changes 

09/2019 Colposcopy, 1 biopsy possible CIN1

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