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Confused and anxious with results

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Confused and anxious with results

Hi, hope everyone is well. 

I had colposcopy plus Lletz last week due to smear test showing severe dyskarosis plus hpv. My previous smear 3 years ago also showed the same results however I only had punch biopsies last time. I have been going out my mind wondering why I never had lletz to attempt to remove the cells. My anxiety was exacerbated during my appointment last week for the lletz when the consultant drew out on a bit of paper all the potential results of a smear, it was 'moderate and severe' that he said would definitely need an appointment with him and most likely the treatment. When I explained my last smear test was the same result, he said its impossible I must be confused. Good for reference but very bad for anxiety, I have some access to medical records on my phone so it was there in writing. He seemed concerned and went off to look at my records. He said he couldn't see my previous smear test or biopsy results. Should also note he is a consultant at the hospital and offers see and treat, my last colposcopy was done at the gp surgery. He recommended I speak to my gp about this


So I ring the nurse who looks into previous histology and said there was nothing to worry about and the biopsy result showed no CIN so no action was needed. Please someone correct me but Is severe dyskarosis not also known as CIN? She reassured me that 3 years was correct to wait for my next smear test. So basically I'm getting two different reactions regarding this.

I'm so anxious about this because I've received a letter saying my sample has been sent off as urgent and is looking like cin 3 and cin 2 lesions. 

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