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Confused by lletz results

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Confused by lletz results

I had a punch biopsy in October which showed CIN1 and CGIN (ungraded.) So I had a loop excision in January.

Last week, I phoned for the result of my loop excision, and was told that they had been unable to remove it all and that both the CIN and CGIN remain. MDT will be discussing at the end of March.

However, I just got a letter which says the loop excision "shows an area of CIN1 with low and high grade changes." No mention of CGIN, but I don't know what high grade in CIN1 means. Isn't CIN1 by definition low grade? I've searched online but I can't find anything.

(The hospital is great but their letters to me before this have been unclear and they seem to leave a lot out.)

Can CIN1 be high grade? Can anyone clear this up for me please? I've only just calmed down the anxiety after the phone results, so this is just unsettling.


Hi, i am no expert but i had lletz today and im pretty sure the doctor told me only CIN2 and 3 could be high grade, i could be wrong but pretty sure she said that xxx

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