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Does it go away

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Does it go away

I've been diagnosed with cin 3 and had a lletz treatment beginning of last year. I fell pregnant shortly after and have a beautiful baby boy. I'm now due my smear and I'm so scared. Does hpv ever go away after having high grade cin 3? Does anyone have any positive stories please I'm so worried and scared about the future. Thankyou xxxx 


Hi Dizy, 

Wanted to give you some possitive new, I had my last check up in 2017 after I had high grade CIN3 and HPV. 


I went for my latest check up last week and have no abnormal cells or HPV as my body has fought it off, so yes it can go away :-) hope this eases your mind



December 2015- High Grade CIN3 

Jan 2016 - Biopsy- High Grade CIN3

Feb-2016- Lletz Treament- CIN3 Removed Clear Margins

Aug 2016- 6 month Check up- All clear. HPV possitive-- Yearly check up 

Aug 2017- Smear Test to cure- All clear no HPV- Back to 3 yearly Smears 

Feb 18th 2021- Smear- Urgent referal due to lump seen on cervix.

March 1st- Colpolscopy- Nabothian cyst x 2- Doctor confirmed smear results negative for both abnormal cell & HPV- back to 3 yearly check ups 

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