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Ectopy, HPV, high grade dyskaryosis, CIN2 & CIN3

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Ectopy, HPV, high grade dyskaryosis, CIN2 & CIN3

Hi, I'm new here and just looking for a little advice.

I had an abnormal smear with HPV virus 3 years ago but went for a colposcopy and they thought it all looked fine. I have recently been bleeding after sex and inbetween preiods so went to see me GP. They advised me I have a cervical ectopy which is probably what's causing the bleeding but referred me for a colposcopy to be sure.

I went for the colposcopy 2 weeks a go and the doctor took a small biopsy. I then wouldn't stop bleeding and the doctor said she had never seen someone bleed so much from such a small biopsy, but said she though everything looked normal. She had to soak a tampon in the nitrate and I had to leave it in for 6 hours. This was quite an unpleasant and painful experience at the time, but I only bled for a few days afterwards and noting major.

I received my results yesterday and I have high grade dyskaryosis, CIN2 and it said "probably a small area of CIN3". I have to go for LLETZ treatment in a few weeks but what I am worried about is due to my cervical ectopy, is this going to make me bleed a lot and be more painful like when I had the biopsy taken? Has anyone else been through the LLETZ treatment that also has an ectopy?

Any advice or experiences are appreciated.

Thank you :)


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