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Falling into a deep depression because of Cervical issues

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Falling into a deep depression because of Cervical issues

Hey ladies. I have been on this forum before. I had normal periods my whole life. Up until about 23 I started having abnormalities. I started having 2 week long periods. I would also start spotting between periods. I have never had an abnormal pap my whole life. My first obgyn put me on birth control which regulated my periods for a while. I have had about 10 paps which always came back normal from 2012- to now. In December my periods went out of control again. To the point where I was filling a whole pad every day 3 weeks out of the month. I went to my doctor in February and demanded a colposcopy. She said my cervix looked friable and biopsied 2 areas which she said were def not cancer but did it anyway to be safe. She also did an ECC. All my results came back negative but showed inflammation so she put me on antibiotics. My bleeding still never stopped so I went back again in March and this time she did a uterine biopsy to rule out uterine issues and that came back benign as well with the exception of plasma cells. Which is apparently caused by inflammation or past miscarriages which I never had?. Anyhow I went to another obgyn who with my persistence looked at my cervix and said everything looked great and healthy and only did a ECC because I demanded one based off my symptoms and I know Adenocarcinomas are higher up and hard to detect. That sample a week later came back negative as well. At this point I have been going back and forth to these 2 doctors to no avail. I went to a third doctor who put me on Doxy to treat the plasma cells in the uterus which is what she thought caused the abnormal bleeding. Of course that did not work as well. This doctor was too far from my house and out of my insurance net work so I went back to my original obgym and begged for a hysteroscopy and both husband and wife ( I went to 2 obgyns in the same practice) refused to put mw under general anesthesia and do a hysteroscopy and D&C just because apparently my results show no reason to do it and " I am too young for one" I am 26 years old by the way. After numerous visits and bleeding almost everyday and always after intercourse. I found a spectacular new obgyn who straight away diagnosed me with a cervical etropian. She said my cervix looks like a strawberry! My previous ultrasounds and paps have always been normal so she is not concerned about a malignancy but she said do get off birth control and she put me on progesterone and luckily the bleeding has stopped since! She saw how concerned I was so she agreed to do a D&C and hysteroscopy. Finally Friday I got it done and when I woke up and recovered she said my cervical canal and uterus looked great nothing abnormal anywhere. She said the progesterone even thinned out my lining like she wanted. She said she did an endocervical biopsy and uterine biopsy just in case. But if everything looked great then why do a biopsy? I have ready that cervical etropians look very similiar to early cervical cancer. I am worried idk what to think- this was all back in MayFast forward to June I was bleeding everytime after intercourse and even at my follow up for my D&C appointment to make sure everything looked normal I started bleeding as soon as they inserted the Transvaginal probe in me and the bleeding has not stopped for 10 days after that. Finally my obgyn said come in on June 21st and we will do Crytotherapy where they freeze my cervix under general anesthesia. I got that done on June 21st and she even had another obgyn who owns the practice to come in and look at my cervix as well while the procedure was being done. I finally wake up and they told me everything looked great they even put more solution on my cervix while I was under prior to freezing it to check my cervical canal and my outer cervix to see if any abnormalities would have came up and they said everything looked greatt. Fast forward After having the cryo surgery I discharged like crazy and even bled a little bit inbetween. So I went to another obgyn who put me on Metronidazole for 5 days because the discharge was bad and smelly. I patiently waited 4 weeks after my cryo to have sex with my husband. Two nights ago everything was fine I did not bleed at all after intercourse. But then once I tried again last night I woke up to this morning to have streaks of blood when I wipe.I honestly do not know what to do anymore. I am starting to think I have some rare form of cervical cancer and none of these doctors are able to pin point it. My tests and ultrasounds and biopsies and D&C included all show negative results. But how come I am still bleeding after intercourse a little bit and have lower back pain as well as smelly discharge? I have fallen into a deep depression because I feel as though no one is able to figure out what is wrong with me :(

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