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Feeling Nervous

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Feeling Nervous

Hi everyone,

To make a long story short, I was diagnosed HSIL (precancer), and had a cone biopsy as treatment done on April 18th...Saw my doctor on May 2nd and she said it was not cancer just a precancer and that she got it all andd I had clear margins and to just go back in Oct for my 6th month follow up.

The 6 months is up next week, and I go see her. I guess I'm just a little worried not about it going back to HSIL as I know about what will happen after that as she did say the high grade could come back..>What I worry about is could it turn to cancer...I haven't posted in awhile cuz I got the all clear and was more relaxed, but now that the 6th month follow up is coming close, I'm getting a bit nervous. Can anyone help if they can.

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