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Feeling really anxious and scared

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Feeling really anxious and scared

5 months ago I had a baby, and once the initial bleeding stopped I started to get quite heavy discharge. This didnt smell and was an off white/ yellowy colour. I put it down to having a baby, 2 months later when it was still happening i decided to go to the doctors. They did swabs for BV, thrush, chlymidia and ghonnorea (sorry probably spelt wrong) these all came back clear and the nurse said my cervix was fine. After 2-3 weeks i went back as the discharge wasnt any better, the gp couldnt quite understand why i was there but said she would examine me anyway. When she examined me she then said she spotted redness on the opening of my cervix and was fast tracking me for a colposcopy. She was quite dramatic holding my hand and what not saying she cant say its cancer or that its not. She did comment the nurse had put that it looked fine just a few weeks ago.

i have no other symptoms, no bleeding, no pain, just discharge (thats lessened since last period 4 days ago) and the gp saying i have redness. My last smear 1.5 years ago was clear. However i am absolutely terrified, keep having panic attacks and worried i have cancer, its worse now i have a new baby. (I had bad post partum anxiety and everything kicks it off)

could this be cancer or cervical ectropion? Im going to a private gynea on tuesday as I cant sit and wait for 2 weeks, i lay there at night panicking and planning for my families future without me.

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