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First period after lletz treatment

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First period after lletz treatment


I’m wondering if anyone can help me.

I had some lletz treatment done coming up to 4 weeks ago now and have had very light bleeding every day since. I was due on my period Friday and Thursday night had period pains, back ache sore boobs, bloating and hormone changes (bad mood!), Friday morning I went to the toilet and there was more blood than usual, quite a bit more so assumed this was my period starting as I was due on that day. But since then I haven’t had any blood at all, even the light blood I was having has stopped, but I still have the period like symptoms.  I know they say your period can be messed up for a while after having this type of treatment done but I know a lot of people say their periods are really heavy, which isn’t the case for me. 

Can anyone give any advice? Thanks in advance. 

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