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First period post LLETZ

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First period post LLETZ


I had LLETZ on 26th July, and have had light bleeding (mostly when I go for a wee) every day since 2nd August. My period was due a few days ago and is never late. I don’t seem to have PMT symptoms either. Is this common? There is nothing about periods in the after care information.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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I had Leep which they tell me is similar or same to LLETZ, and my physician said my period may be late or even abnormal as in color or length post LEEP. 

- Abnormal LSIL pap 4/11/19 

-Colpo Results (High Grade Severe Dysplasia) 06/14/2019

-LEEP procedure scheduled 7/19/19

-Leep procedure completed 8/2/19

-CKC scheduled 9/12/19

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