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Flesh thing dropped out after LLETZ

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Flesh thing dropped out after LLETZ


Sorry for the TMI title but I just need some advice please. 

I'm 25 and on my first cervical screen they saw CIN3. I had a colposcopy where they put the vinegar on and saw a large white patch. 

They then did a LLETZ treatment and took a 1.5 x 1.5 cm chunk out. I haven't had too much pain since but I noticed a piece of flesh on my pad earlier (no blood) and am a bit confused. the best way to describe it is like a thin piece of Liver (So sorry guys!)

Waiting for the biopsy results is also making me a bit worried. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


thanks :) 



I think that you're describing what it's called "clot". I had a couple after my LLETZ but alongside with slight bleeding. 

If it smells or itches could indicate an infection.  

My GP was always saying that if cloths are smaller than 50p coin I should not be overly worried. 

But I am no GP or trained professional- if you're concerned maybe ring your GP for a bit of advice? 

Take care! 


I think it's a clot. I had a colposcopy earlier this week and something like that came out of me too 😬

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