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Follow up post lletz

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Follow up post lletz

Hi all!

I have found this forum extremely helpful over the last year, it is so inspiring to read other women's posts. 

I was diagnosed last year with HPV, low grade dyskarosis and sent for Colposcopy as had abnormal cells in my cervix. 

I have never experienced such bad anxiety in my life, the unknown and the waiting is so tormenting.


After my colposcopy I found out I had CIN2 pre cancerous cells. I was lucky enough to have lletz treatment in March this year. Which wasn't as bad as I was expecting thankfully. 

I am due to have a follow up appointment at the colposcopy clinic next week, and was wondering if anyone else who has been in this situation find out at the appointment if the HPV infection still existed? And if there could be evidence seen of pre cancerous cells?

I am eager to be sure the HPV has gone and if anything that's worrying me the most!

I am unsure if I'm having a smear test or colposcopy...


Thanks to any advice anyone has :)


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