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Fresh blood 2 weeks after colposcopy and LLETZ

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Fresh blood 2 weeks after colposcopy and LLETZ


I had a colposcopy done 16 days ago. All fine then started getting some heavier smelly discharge but that settled down. I didn’t go to the GP as I had no other signs of infection and quite honestly my GP has been rubbish lately.
For the past 4 or 5 days I’ve had some pink/light red bleeding but mainly on wiping. Could this be related to the LLETZ, has anyone else had it?
I’ve been having pains near my ovaries for quite some time - in fact I went to my GP the week before I got my results because I wanted to rule out a urine infection.
My smear results are severe (moderate) dyskaryosis?!
Im concerned as recently I’ve had bowel changes too but I’ve put it down to the fact I have a 7 months old baby so my body just getting back to normal.

Thanks x

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