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Friable cervix due to high risk HPV?

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Friable cervix due to high risk HPV?

Hello everyone. I just need someone to listen to me and hopefully give me some advice or knowledge about my concerns.

I just recently turned 24 years old in March 12. My first pap smear was in 2016 and it was all good. 

My second pap was in May 2018 and it came back negative but positive for high risk HPV. I went for a colposcopy in September which resulted in CIN1 at 10'o clock and chronic cervicitis. I was scheduled for another pap in 6 months. I had been having constant and heavy (sorry tmi) pus like and sometimes thick yellowish discharge (with NO odor or other symptoms) I believe even before doing my pap in 2018. I was tested for all STDS and they all have come back negative. I was, however, positive for vaginitis (ph inbalance) in addition to the stupid HPV and CIN1 and was prescribed antibiotics like 3 times. They didn't do a thing. I decided I don't want anymore antibiotics. Still dealing with the discharge. 

During these 6 months (since my colposcopy results) I cut out smoking weed, started taking a bunch of supplements like AHCC, Beta Glucan, B-12 & folate, Selenium, transferon and vit D3. I stopped smoking weed since November. Started eating much more healthier and organic as much as possible. However, throughout all this time my cervix is still red and inflammed and it bleeds to the touch. In evey pelvic exam this has happened and I have spotted mid cycle in a few ocassions. 

I just had my 3rd pap smear yesterday and my cervix is still inflamed. My obgyn showed me the speculum after doing the pap swab and it was filled with blood! He said my cervix is very friable and is bleeding to the touch. I was told to wait for the pap results in 2 weeks and then he will schedule me for another colposcopy and cryotherapy because he is most certain the pap will come back abnormal. I asked him if the CIN1 could have progressed into 2 or 3 in just 6 months and he said it could happen in weeks! 

I am terrified and sad that all my hard work for my health has been in vain. I'm a believer in the power of the mind as well and have been meditating, doing breathing exercises and praying. Still am. But now my anxiety levels are through the roof again and I'm not sure what to expect in these pap results. 

I'm wondering if the cervix inflammation/friable state is due to the hpv infection? Because clearly the antibiotics for the "bacterial vaginosis" didn't work. I'm going to start doing lactobacillus suppositories though to help the good bacteria flora to see if that helps.

Also, if I end up having CIN2 or 3, will cryotherapy be enough to get rid of it? Or will I need LEEP? I'm terrified of having a LEEP procedure after watching a video of it and also reading so many horror stories from women who have got it done. 

Lastly, during this last pelvic exam my obgyn said he felt one of my ovaries was much bigger than the other one. He said "the right one feels twice the size of the left" I asked if I should be concerned about this but he said "no" and that was that. Is it normal to have one of your ovaries be larger than the other? Either way I plan on having another transvaginal ultrasound privately to see if there's anything off. I had a transvaginal ultrasound a few months back and it was normal and the ovaries differences were very small so it scared me when he said the right one felt much bigger than the left.  

Any advice, knowledge or words of encouragement will be appreciated.


Hi, I’m new to this so can’t comment too much about HPV, just want to share my experience over the last couple of weeks. I had a routine smear last Tuesday and the nurse had to get the doctor to examine me, turns out my cervix was very red and inflamed, and described as ‘angry’ at one point. I was then referred on the 2 week pathway for a colposcopy. I’ve been worried sick, hardly ate or slept since. I got a call last night to say my smear tear was normal, I couldn’t believe it, tears the lot!  I know it’s not over as I still have to go for a colposcopy to see what’s going on but feel a lot calmer since. I also bled from the Friday to Tuesday but knew it wasn’t my period, the nurse confirmed this when she took my swabs to check for infection Tuesday this week, so still worried about that as my results show no infection. Still waiting for my colposcopy appointment as something went wrong with referral! I completely understand how difficult all this is. Hopefully you get answers soon.

Tracy x



Thank you for your reply and so glad to hear your pap was normal! May I ask, so you don't have HPV? Was this your first pap or just your normal routine pap? How long has your cervix been inflamed? I don't know why my cervix has been so red and inflamed for months. I can't attribute it to anything else at this point but the HPV which is why I am having a hard time waiting for my pap results. I'm still in a bit of discomfort after my pap yesterday the 14th. Not a cramping sensation per se but it just feels kind of uncomfortable around my pelvic area. This has been very emotionally draining and the nurse told me that stress makes things worse which I am aware of but sometimes it does get the best of me. Please wish me good luck, or pray for my pap results to be at the very least as mild as possible. I don't have people to talk to about this in real life other than my partner and I don't like to suffocate him with my worries. Also, much luck to you with your further tests. Fingers crossed it's something easily treatable. 


Scarlettdreams I completely understand the distress and anxiety this causes, wish I could give you a hug. I’ve been off sick from work, had a panic attack during my smear when she called the doctor. I live in Scotland, there’s never been any mention of HPV, not sure if they test for it here. I’m 41, have always had normal smear results but was overdue for my smear this time which I really regret and will never do again. I’ve been crampy with a sore back since my smear and then after the internal where the swabs were took, ive still not took my period which is 4 days late, this never happens, but putting that down to stress, as you said it can have a big impact on things. My sister in law is a senior nurse and has said fibroids can cause this response, or I’m possibly thinking perimenooause? The sooner we get a colposcopy the better and answer all these unknown questions the better. I wish you all the luck in the world for your results and will say a wee prayer for you. 

Why don’t you try calling Jo’s trust? I did at the start, it’s someone to speak to which will make a big difference. 

Take care, Tracy x



Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope things get sorted out for you as soon as possible. Any updates let me know! I will reply to this post again once I have my pap results. These are very stressful times but it will get better for both of us.


Hello Scarlettdreams,

I also have a friable cervix. I have bleeding during/after sex, so I've found that using a thin mentrual cup (silicone based) helps to prevent bleeding causing a huge problem in that sense. Also, female condoms work well to protect the cervix. 

I was told that the friability can come from hormonal changes or an underlying infection. I'm kind of neither of those because they've tested and haven't found an infection and I haven't been on hormonal birth control in years. I had LSIL last year, which was probably due to HPV, but this past January my pap was normal and my colposcopy came back benign. 

I'm in the U.S. and my doctor told me they don't do cryotherapy for friability because they don't want to damage the cervix before I've had kids. I'm married, but not ready for kids yet, so for now we just manage the intimacy department with the above modifications. I'm sorry to hear about all the stress you're enduring. I just try not to worry about it because worrying doesn't help or make it go away. Please message me if you want to chat!


Abnormal bleeding after sex ~2 years

Abnormal pap 2/1/18 --LSIL

Normal pap 1/11/19

Polcoscopy, normal ectropion 1/11/19



Hello Pharmstudent, I want to message you but I don't know how to, can you message me instead? I have some questions.

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