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Frustrated, disappointed, Trying to getting results

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Frustrated, disappointed, Trying to getting results

Hi everyone.  My results from my colpo got back Friday.  The nurse that read them to me over the phone said she didn't really understand what they meant bc she's the NP's LVN and they transfer to an MD for these results/treatment. So, they scheduled me for a consult with one of the MDs before my LEEP which she said would have to be done in the OR. 

She didn't even tell me results as cin or cgin.  All she said was high grade with gland duct invasion and low grade.  I tried to get her to explain but she wouldn't it couldn't.

I called back again on Monday bc they say if you have questions call us back.  I talked to the same nurse.  She finally gave me the results as cin 1 and cin2 after I begged her to read them in histological terms.  I still wanted an explanation for the gland duct invasion.  She said she has no idea and the doctors are too busy to call and explain.  I told her I would be freaking out for a month bc I don't understand what that means.  She said she would try to corner the doctor to ask, still nothing.  I'm so upset.  I can't find anything about what it could possibly mean. 

I feel let down by the office and I don't want to go and see them bc they can't take the time to answer muy question what's the point.  I've been crying since Friday.  

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