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Graded CIN2 awaiting treatment

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Graded CIN2 awaiting treatment

I had my results last week after my biopsy which graded at CIN2 I now have an appointment Thursday to discuss or have treatment.

random questions pop into my head as I’m sure they do everyone while awaiting all these appointments and results 


this was my third smear test, I’ve been with my partner 3 years so is it likely he passed on the hpv virus to me as my past smears were clear? If he did pass it to me if it likely he will pass it to me again?

I read somewhere different strands of the hpv virus cause different things, one stand causes warts, my partner has bad warts on bottom of his feet which was him pain, is this because he has a hpv virus causing these?

I had my first child at 16 so am I more likely to be at risk because of this?

My sex drive has been non existent last few months, was this my body’s way of telling me something was going on? 

They are such random questions because your mind just goes into overdrive, but I know when it comes to sitting in front of the colposcopist they will all disappear 


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