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Has anyone had a colposcopy using a new DYSIS computer imaging?

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Has anyone had a colposcopy using a new DYSIS computer imaging?


I’ve just had my colposcopy, the two people who did it were lovely.


They were using a brand new DYSIS imaging computer colposcope. The imaging was very clever.


i just wondered if anyone else had experienced it? If so, what colours did you see and what was the outcome from your colposcopy?


I had white areas using the first liquid. Then when the iodine was applied, the imaging showed some blue areas, but with some red, yellow and white. So they’ve done a punch biopsy. She explained from the first liquid that there were some abnormal cells and showed me where. She then showed me on the colour imaging that it confirmed that. Which was why she took the biopsy. But has anyone had those colours? To what extent? Then what was the result of your biopsy.

Thank you 


Hi! I think this sounds like what was used in my colposcopy last week. I had a large white area after the first liquid (I didn’t have any iodine sprayed) and most of the imaging looked to be blue. I had a small amount of green and therefore had one punch biopsy taken there. I am still waiting for my biopsy results. 



Hi, just to reply to my comment above my result came back as CIN2. In my letter they told me that most changes can revert back to normal and to attend colposcopy in November for a follow up smear/colp appointment before they decide on whether to treat or not. I haven't recieved an appointment just yet - did you get any results? X

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